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What does the recruitment industry do with your resume?

In 2012, the people behind behiring.com published “Confessions of the Recruitment Industry”. Here are the cold facts:

  • Average time spent looking at a cv or resume is 5 to 7 seconds

  • The chance that your cover letter will be read is 17%

  • 1 spelling or grammar mistake will send your resume to the trash can

  • 68% of employers will find you on Facebook

  • 76% of resumes and CV’s are ignored if your e-mail address is unprofessional

  • An average of 250 CV’s or resumes are received for each job position

  • 88% of CV’s or resumes is rejected if it contains a photo of the applicant

  • 33% of candidates is rejected because employers found something about them online

  • 427,000 CV’s and resumes are posted on Monsterboard every week. That number just about equals the population of Luxembourg, a small country in Europe.